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Meet Our Founder

Audrey D. Hyatt, M.Ed., CHES founded It’s About Mobility in 2019 in response to a growing awareness of the challenges faced by the almost invisible population of

people living with limited mobility.

Ms. Hyatt has a long and active history of volunteerism and service to her community.  As far back as she can remember she was a witness to her family helping others.  Her desire to positively impact people’s lives was fueled by the hands-on experiences she gained as a child while accompanying her mother who volunteered at schools, local community centers, and churches. Those early experiences led to her interest and involvement in organizations like the American Red Cross, the Minority Health Alliance, and Amigos de las Americas.

Her commitment to being a change agent is strong and she is most satisfied when she knows that she is making a difference.  For over 30 years she has successfully developed and managed programs, trained and supervised staff and volunteers, and actively pursued and secured funding for programs in government, nonprofit, and community organizations.

In conjunction with her desire to be a change agent is her firm belief in self-advocacy. She believes that whenever possible a person should try, and be allowed, to speak up for themselves about the things that are important to them. Oftentimes there is no better person to effectively communicate the

interests, desires, needs and rights of a person than that person themselves.

The goals of It’s About Mobility are to build community and increase the quality of life for people with limited mobility.  Ms. Hyatt, feels that It's About Mobility allows her to have an active role in advocating for people with disabilities by speaking up for herself and others.

Ms. Hyatt is a retired Certified Health Education Specialist, with a Master’s Degree in community health education. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Chapter of Amigos de las Americas and the Cuyahoga County Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities.

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