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Internet Resources

These are a few "starter" links.

They are only a smattering of what can be found on the internet. 

There are many, many more that cover a plethora of topics related to limited mobility.

The list is ever-changing and constantly growing,

so it would be nearly impossible to do those topics justice by trying to list them all. 

These links and others found on this website

can help you to learn more about the issues surrounding limited mobility

and the people living with it.


Students With Limited Mobility

For Journalists Covering People With Disabilities

Activities For Seniors

Clothing/Equipment For Dressing


75 Disability Blogs & Websites For Disabled People

Human Rights

Avoiding Falls: Making Your Home Safe

Exercise And Fitness Tips

Adaptive Living Guide

Wheelchair Distribution

For Mobility Impaired and Caregivers

Advocacy, State Agencies, Educational Services, Employment, Sports and Recreation, and Leisure and Travel

Internet Resources: List
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