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Functional Accessibility Reviews

There are often accessibility challenges involved in entering and navigating public accommodations,

commercial facilities, and state and local government  services.

These are obstacles that most people don’t think about, but that can be impediments to people with limited mobility.  

People with limited mobility may not know about these barriers until they encounter them.

These Functional Accessibility Reviews are an attempt to address some of these challenges.

They are not legal or scientific by any means. Nor are they endorsements of any kind. 

They are merely general observations based on my, and hopefully your, experiences about places we visit. 

Even if the place you want to go to has a review here it is always a good idea to call and verify the information

because it may have changed. 

When you call it is important to ask specific questions.  Just asking if a place is accessible may not get you the information you need because a lot of the time the staff does not have the same definition of  "accessibility" as you do.


        Least Challenging

The places listed here go above and beyond the legal ADA requirements.  For example the grocery stores will have someone bring an electric shopping cart to your car and they will even have some help you put the groceries in your car.  In the case of a medical facility they will bring a wheelchair to your car and push you to your destination.  If you use the valet service the entertainment venues will bring a wheelchair to your car and push you to your destination.


         Mildly Challenging

These places are accessible, but it will take some work and probably some assistance to access them.  Some of the retail establishments may have electric shopping carts but they may only have 1 or 2, they may not be able to bring them out of the building and/or the carts may not be charged.   Office or service buildings may not have automatic doors or handicap buttons to open the doors.


         Most Challenging

Accessing these places may be impossible or nearly impossible, even with assistance.  They may not have an elevators, ramps, automatic doors, electric shopping carts or personnel available to help you.

Functional Accessibility Reviews: Services
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