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10 Ways to Advocate

Advocacy takes many shapes and forms.  

You don't have to be a professional advocate to be an effective advocate.  

Here are 10 ways that we can all advocate for people with limited mobility.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to whether or not establishments are functionally accessible to people with limited mobility.  Pay attention to how people with limited mobility are treated.

Educate Yourself

Educate yourself about issues surrounding limited mobility.

Educate Others

Share your knowledge with others.

Talk to People

Find out what other people are thinking and doing about issues related to limited mobility.

Register to Vote

Register to vote so that your voice can be heard.  Encourage others to register to vote.


#Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote.

Make Telephone Calls, Write Letters, Post on Social Media

Provide feedback and encourage establishments to be more functionally accessible.


Support organizations/activities that strive to increase the quality of life for people with limited mobility.


Volunteer for activities that increase the quality of life for people with limited mobility.

Tell Your Story

You can make a difference when you tell your story.  

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